Real-Time Prescriptive Modeling

What if you could access sophisticated predictions, effortlessly and at scale?
Change the way you think about Machine Learning.
We call it Prediction as a Service.
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Plug & Optimize your business processes immediatly!


Choose to serve, impression by impression, across all the campaigns you manage, the campaign that maximizes your revenue.

Works with any KPI (CPI, CPA, CPC, CPM...), for mobile and desktop.

Ad Networks

Ad Networks Cascade

Generate, impression by impression, the most efficient cascade to maximise your revenue.

Ad Networks

This is not another toolbox for data scientists,
We have designed Ubiquity as a business optimization engine.

Erick Alphonse, CEO

You are dreaming of leveraging all your data
through predictive applications,
but do you want to...

spend money without any idea of the ROI ?

recruit an army of data scientists ?

wait months to know if it works ?

store petabytes of data before ?

operate an additional cloud infrastructure ?


The fastest way to transform data into revenue

Plug Data

Send data to our API on the fly.
No need to store data.

Use Prediction

Integrate predictive features anywhere in a few minutes.

Measure Impact & Learn

See immediate result on your business metrics.
Send the feedback on our API to make your models learn


Our platform is designed to deploy instant prediction directly into your applications.
Ubiquity literally provides "Prediction as a Service".


Ask us to build and refine
the predictive apps you need.

You know what performance you need to achieve
but you don't have the in-house competency to achieve it.


You choose all the components you need to customize your own solution when you visit the Ubiquity Appstore.

Coming Soon

You want to give your data science team
the best infrastructure to generate and operate your predictive models
all you need is already packaged in a predictive app in our appstore.


Business Impact

Our decision engine is designed to optimize your bottom line.

  • Improved business decisions
  • Cost-efficient predictions
  • Low overheads
  • No risk

Turnkey Solution

No more headaches. All the process is straightforward.

  • Complete integration in less than 1 hour
  • Immediate results
  • Linear pricing
  • Externalized infrastructure

No Limit

Ubiquity has been designed to serve high demanding production environments.

  • Hyper scalability
  • Low latency
  • SLA on demand
  • World class data science team at your service

You plug, you increase your profit. You unplug, you miss opportunities.

Frédéric Duwez, CFO


Disruptive approach

Unlike all other Machine Learning services that work in batch mode, we have chosen to build our predictive platform fully in streaming, meaning without data storage.

ML Streaming Pioneers

We are pioneers in the growing segment of machine learning. Our team of Machine Learning experts are among the very best, making Ubiquity the de facto world leading team in the space.

20 Years of R&D

20 years of academic research and 7 years of industrial research and industrial experimentations has produced a plethora of machine learning breakthroughs and architectural innovations.

Proprietary stack

Our tech stack was built by our team from the ground up. It is designed specifically to integrated and implement the vision of a frictionless predictive platform by any developer.

Full automation

Our ability to utilize streaming in the predictive process removes several steps, facilitating a fully automated process to create a turnkey solution.

Industry first

Unlike the toolboxes of most data scientists, Ubiquity has been designed to match the heaviest industrial requirements for latency, scalability and security.


We are dedicating to offer a brand-new experience of Machine Learning


Founder & CEO


Founder & Lead Developer





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